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What is zennya health?
We are a healthcare app that delivers medical and wellness services to your home or office at the touch of a button.
What medical services do you provide?
We offer home healthcare services, including vaccinations, home lab tests, COVID testing, dengue testing, and online doctor consults.
What are your wellness services?
Our suite of wellness services includes home service massage, Swedish Aromatherapy, Swedish Therapeutic Massage, Hand & Foot Care, Shiatsu, Thai Foot Massage, Foot Scrub, and Office Syndrome Therapy.
How much do your services cost?
We offer an affordable, at-home alternative to traditional medical and wellness care. You can see a price menu for all our services by downloading the app.
How do I book home medical and wellness services?
In order to book, all you have to do is input your name, location, and payment method directly into the app and press "Book".  The provider that accepts your request will arrive at your door in about 20 minutes.
Can I book without the app?
In order to request a service, you need to book directly through the app.
Do you have a number I can call?
How about if we try to help you through messaging within the zennya app first?  If that doesn't work, we would be happy to call you.
Where is your location?
Our office is located in Makati.  However, our providers are located throughout Metro Manila and Cebu so that they can serve you at your home, condo, hotel, or office.
Do you serve my location?
We serve Metro Manila and Cebu, and we are continuously adding new locations.  To check which services are available in your area, please download the app and input your name and location.
How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
Your booking will be confirmed in the app once a provider is matched to your booking. We match nurses based on your preferred schedule and location. Please note, we charge a pre-authorization hold upon booking confirmation. You will only be charged fully following the completion of your service.
How do I reschedule a booking?
To reschedule, please tap the zennya logo in the upper left corner of your screen.  Select schedules, then choose the booking you wish to change.  Tap the calendar icon.  The system will prompt you to reschedule your booking.  We will match a provider to you based on your new schedule.  
How do I cancel a booking?
To cancel, access your booking by tapping the zennya logo in the upper left corner of your screen.  Select schedules, then choose the booking you wish to cancel. Tap the trash can icon.  The app will prompt you to cancel your booking.  You will not be charged for your canceled booking.
Are your doctors licensed to practice?
Yes, all our doctors are licensed, highly skilled, and trained to provide virtual consults. If you are prescribed medication, the PRC license details are provided on the prescription.
Are your massage therapists trained?
Our massage therapists are licensed by the DOH or TESDA and all receive further training by zennya.  Zennya is also an internationally-accredited training center capable of providing training and certification courses for CIBTAC, one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world for health and beauty therapy.  
Are your practitioners tested regularly?
Our nurses, therapists, and drivers are tested for COVID weekly. They are also screened and temperature checked daily, and equipped and trained with infection prevention equipment.
Do I need to pay for transportation?
No need to pay for transportation to or from your place.  This is included in the service.  
How do I link my Maxicare ID?
To add your Maxicare ID, please go to the home page > click the small zennya logo on the upper left hand corner of the screen > choose you profile > Add medical ID > tap the plus icon beside Maxicare under IDs and HMO.
How long do I need to fast before a blood test?
If your test requires fasting, we request that you fast at least 8-10 hours prior to your scheduled blood extraction. Please note, you may still drink moderate amounts of water and take any maintenance medications during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.
How long does it take to process COVID test results?
For PCR rests, our partner laboratory has an average turnaround time of 24-36 hours. You will receive a notification via the zennya app once the results are available. Rapid antigen tests are processed in about 15 minutes.
Can I use my COVID test results for travel? Can you expedite the results?
Yes. We offer expedited, 24-hour turnaround time for travelers. Our RT-PCR partner laboratory, Singapore Diagnostics, Inc. is DOH-accredited. Our customers have been able to use the results for domestic and international travel and include a QR code.  

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