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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate overview
zennya Health creates a digital pathway to better care, one that overcomes a fractured and inefficient health system, and meets patients where they’re at.  At the touch of a button, patients can use our app to book affordable, hospital-quality medical and wellness services to the home or office.

We also help our partner hospitals, insurers, hotels, and laboratories meet the surging demand for at-home services by leveraging zennya's technology, logistics, and mobile workforce.
zennya Health's mission
We believe that technology has the power to revolutionize healthcare in the Philippines. Through our mobile app, we’re building an effective, patient-lead platform that overcomes common barriers to care, and empowers Filipinos to take control of their own health. We've completed over 600,000 jobs in Metro Manila and Cebu, and plan to expand throughout the Philippines.
About our founder
David Foote is the Founder and CEO of zennya.  Foote has more than 25 years of experience in executive leadership in technology startups and multinational corporations. He holds a B.S in Neurobiology from the University of California at Berkeley, minoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Foote is also the primary inventor of technology patents for Peer-to-Peer instant messaging, and 3D visualization of business data, and has published bioinformatics research using software he developed.
About our providers
Behind the scenes is an all-female workforce of massage therapists and nurses. They are our wellness partners–not employees. They choose their clients, manage their own schedule, and earn 3-5 times the industry average. Meanwhile, zennya provides hundreds of hours of free training, plus an advanced logistics platform through the app, enabling them to reach more clients and provide superior service.
What services does zennya Health provide for partner hospitals, laboratories, insurers, and hotels?
The pandemic led to a surge in telehealth and home healthcare.  Many providers want to meet this demand but lack the in-house technology, logistics, and mobile workforce.  zennya’s white-label service can fill in those gaps. On the patient end, they interface with their usual healthcare provider.  But behind the screen, you have zennya’s advanced mobile technology, medical staff, and logistics team carrying out the service.  The white-label service works much the same for hotels, but we focus on wellness and COVID testing.
What corporate health services does zennya offer?
zennya provides fast, affordable healthcare in the workplace. Employers can turn any office into an onsite clinic with our suite of technology and healthcare services. Schedule workplace vaccinations, Covid-19 testing, a mobile laboratory, and online consultations. We can also help keep your employees safe with our return-to-work solutions.
What services does zennya provide to individuals?
Clients can book on-demand medical and wellness services through the app. We provide home service vaccinations, laboratory testing, virtual doctors, swab testing, and massage.
Why is zennya better?
zennya uses advanced technology to deliver the best patient experience to your home or office. Behind the app, a complex medical infrastructure and logistics system is hard at work. We have control over every detail to ensure your home healthcare is efficient, safe, and of hospital-grade quality.