Refund Policy

Refunds or credits may be granted in extenuating circumstances, as a result of specific promotions, or to correct any errors we have made.

Cancellation Policy
If you no longer need a massage, you may cancel it through the app. In certain cases, a cancellation fee will be applied in order to compensate the therapist for time spent.To cancel a massage, tap the "Cancel" button and the confirm you want to cancel.

Cancellation fee
Based upon your cancellation history, you could be charged a fee after a therapist accepts your request. The cancellation fee is about $2.5 or its foreign currency equivalent.You're charged the full service price if you stop the massage after you've started.How to dispute a cancellation feeIf you think you were wrongly charged a cancellation fee, we’re happy to look into it. Simply write to "Help" and let us know your concern.