Get accurate hospital-grade laboratory performed at your doorstep, with digital results automatically updated in your app within 24 hours

Mobile laboratory services

Our mobile lab delivers over 300 types of laboratory tests to your doorstep. You can upload your doctor's lab request or order without a prescription. A trained nurse will arrive at your preferred time to perform your home service blood test at hospital-level quality.

More accurate than most laboratories in the Philippines

Up to 33% of lab results are inaccurate due to transcription errors. zennya’s online lab tests are paperless, reducing the risk of error and misdiagnosis.

Online medical records

Imagine having your entire medical history in the palm of your hand. We make it possible by storing lab results, virtual consults, and other health data inside the zennya app. You can view, download, print, and share your medical records from your mobile device. If you consult our online doctors, they can access your digital records hassle-free in the app.

Trusted, expert diagnostic lab partners

We work with the leading laboratories in the Philippines for your blood work and lab tests. All your online lab results are of the highest quality and accuracy.

Comprehensive Selection of Home Lab Tests

We can perform over 300 types of laboratory tests in your home or workplace.

How it Works?

Step 1

Book the service on the app at your preferred time and date

Step 2

A registered nurse will arrive at your doorstep

Step 3

Nurse will execute the testing on site

Step 4

Get your result and medical certificate in the app

Mobile Laboratory Test Categories

Muscle and Recovery
Tests that target your overall muscle health.
Heart Health
Tests to assess your heart conditions.
Tests to know how your body uses food for energy.
Fluids and Electrolytes
Tests to detect problems with the body's electrolyte balance.
Tests to determine the status of how your body eliminate waste products.
Vital Screening
Tests to detect and screen presence of certain viruses.
Reproductive Health
Tests to understand your reproductive health, fertility, and risk for disease.
Cancer Screening
Tests specific in detecting cancer antigens that aid in cancer diagnosis.
Autoimmune Disease
Tests to screen for autoimmune inflammations and diseases.

Home Service Laboratory Test Packages

Your Data Privacy is Important to Us

We treat your personal information with the importance it deserves. We adhere to the leading international security standard, ISO27001, with connections encrypted using SSL, and are GDPR compliant.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy here .

Frequently Asked Questions

What laboratory tests are available?
We offer hundreds of home lab tests to monitor chronic disease and overall health markers. Please download the zennya Health app for a full list of our mobile laboratory services.  You can choose a lab test package, search by test name, or upload a lab prescription.
Do you offer same day appointments for laboratory tests?
Yes, please book at least 1-2 hours before your preferred time. Please note that blood tests that require fasting will need at least 8 hours without food prior to your booking.
Do you offer weekend and after hours service?
Our home service laboratory operates 7 days a week. Our operating hours are from 8am to 8pm. However, a few areas have reduced hours. Paranaque services start at 9am and Cainta services end at 6pm. Our hours are subject to curfews.
How much do laboratory tests cost?
zennya is committed to providing some of the most affordable laboratory test prices in the Philippines. Please download the zennya app for the full laboratory price list. Please note that you can book multiple laboratory tests together and will have only one service fee.
How can I book a laboratory test?
First, download the zennya Health app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then follow these steps to book a home service laboratory test:

1. Using the Zennya application, in the “Medical” section, tap “Laboratory Tests.”

2. You may explore our existing packages or search for the specific tests you require by tapping "Select your tests." If you have a laboratory prescription, you can upload it in the "Medical Prescriptions" tab.

3. Once you select your required test(s), confirm your booking, verify your location, and click “Book Later” to select the desired date and time.
Does my insurance cover your home service laboratory?
We only accept Maxicare at this time. The Maxicare phlebotomy service will cover the costs of the lab tests that are approved. There will still be a service fee of 650 pesos but it can be waived if you have a promo code voucher from Maxicare.
Do I need a laboratory prescription from my doctor?
You can book our home service laboratory service without a prescription. If you want to use your Maxicare coverage, they require a laboratory prescription before approving blood tests and other lab services.
How do I upload my laboratory prescription?
Here are the steps to upload a laboratory prescription:

1. On your zennya home screen, drag down on your "My Health" card.

2. Select the "Medical" tab. Tap the "Medical Prescriptions" option.

3. Select "Submit Prescription". Then upload a prescription by choosing an existing image on your phone or taking a picture of your paper prescription. Tap "Submit."
Is zennya Health a laboratory?
No, we partner with a DOH accredited clinical laboratory--Singapore Diagnostics. zennya provides the blood test home service and delivers results in-app, plus medical support chat. Singapore Diagnostics analyzes the specimens we collect.
How do I access my laboratory test results?
Here are the steps to check the Laboratory Test Result on the Zennya Health app.

1. On your homepage you will able to see the "My Health" tab. Please swipe this down.

2. After swiping down on"My Health", please select the "Medical" tab.

3. From here, you will see the following options: "Doctor Consultation", "Medical     Prescriptions", "Laboratory Test Result" and the "Vaccination Records"

4. Tap "Laboratory Test Result". Please make sure that the name on the top of the screen      matches the name of the result you are looking for.
Is fasting required for blood tests?
Fasting is required for the fasting blood sugar lab test and fasting lipid profile lab test. Your doctor may also advise you fast for other prescribed labs, so defer to their instructions.
How long do I have to fast before a blood test?
If the test requires fasting, please fast at least 8-10 hours prior to your scheduled blood test home service. Please note, you may still drink small amounts of water and take any maintenance medications during this time.
What if something goes wrong?
We bring the highest standards of care to our home service laboratory. Our nurses are trained to asses for adverse reactions and how well you are taking the procedure. They will instruct you on aftercare and the expected effects after blood test extraction.
Do you provide pediatric blood draws for children?
Yes, we include pediatric patients for our blood test home service. Please message us in advance through the in-app support channel so we can send a pediatric nurse to you.
Can you come to my office?
Yes, our mobile lab can go to your location as long as the building management allows. Some businesses require a work permit or other requirements to enter the premises. The client should secure these before the nurse arrives to perform the laboratory tests.
Do you offer corporate or group bookings?
For corporate events, please email us through . We also offer group discounts up to 5 persons in a 1 hour time schedule, which are applied automatically when you check out in the app. The discount (200Php) is applied to the service fee of the 2nd to 5th person in the group booking.
Is my medical information confidential?
Yes, we follow the strictest privacy and confidentiality protocols to protect your medical information. We also follow HIPAA guidelines.
How do I use Maxicare?
You may now use your Maxicare ID to avail of our home service laboratory. If you have already linked your Maxicare ID to your zennya Medical Profile, you may upload your lab test prescription or valid LOA via Laboratory Tests > Upload Prescription.
How long does it take to get lab results?
Most tests are processed within 1-2 days. A few blood tests require longer turnaround times due to their complexity. Longer waiting times will be clearly indicated in the test description on the app.