Get accurate hospital-grade laboratory performed at your doorstep, with digital results automatically updated in your app within 24 hours

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Mobile laboratory services

Our mobile lab delivers over 300 types of laboratory tests to your doorstep.  You can upload your doctor's lab request or order without a prescription. A trained nurse will arrive at your preferred time to perform your home service blood test at hospital-level quality.

More accurate than most laboratories in the Philippines

Up to 33% of lab results are inaccurate due to transcription errors. zennya’s online lab tests are paperless, reducing the risk of error and misdiagnosis.

Online medical records

Imagine having your entire medical history in the palm of your hand. We make it possible by storing lab results, virtual consults, and other health data inside the zennya app.  You can view, download, print, and share your medical records from your mobile device. If you consult our online doctors, they can access your digital records hassle-free in the app.

Trusted, expert diagnostic lab partners

We work with the leading laboratories in the Philippines for your blood work and lab tests.  All your online lab results are of the highest quality and accuracy.

Comprehensive Selection
of Home Lab Tests

We can perform over 300 types of laboratory tests in your home or workplace.

Mobile Laboratory Test Categories

Muscle and Recovery

Tests that target your overall muscle health.

Heart Health

Tests to assess your heart conditions.


Tests to know how your body uses food for energy.

Fluids and Electrolytes

Tests to detect problems with the body's electrolyte balance.


Tests to determine the status of how your body eliminate waste products.

Vital Screening

Tests to detect and screen presence of certain viruses.

Reproductive Health

Tests to understand your reproductive health, fertility, and risk for disease.

Cancer Screening

Tests specific in detecting cancer antigens that aid in cancer diagnosis.

Autoimmune Disease

Tests to screen for autoimmune inflammations and diseases.

Home Service Laboratory Tests

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Standard Check Up

zennya’s standard check up gives you a quick glimpse into your health. Get tested for three basic health indicators: blood sugar, kidney health, and liver health.

Routine Check Up

This home check up offers a peek into how your body is performing. Get insight into four health indicators:  blood level, sugar level, kidney health, and liver health.

Basic Check Up

This home check up gives you a snapshot of your health overall.  We use our home service blood test to check five health indicators.  Blood level, sugar level, kidney health, liver health, and electrolyte test are  included

General Check Up

The general home check up measures six health indicators. Get labs for blood level, sugar level, kidney health, liver health, electrolyte level, and pancreas health..

Advanced Check Up

Like the general check up, zennya’s advanced check up measures the same six health indicators only it dives deeper. Get a granular view of your blood level, sugar level, kidney health, liver health, electrolyte level and pancreas health. 

Executive Check Up

Our executive check up is an in-depth medical assessment. It measures eight important health indicators through a quick blood extraction: blood level, sugar level, kidney, liver, pancreas, muscle, thyroid, and gastrointestinal tract health. The executive check up also provides a blood test for cancer screening.

Executive Check Up with PSA

This executive check up targets men.  It tests for the same eight health indicators as the standard executive check up, but adds a PSA test.  PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen and is a measure of your prostate health.  

Diabetes Screening

This group of tests helps determine your risk for diabetes. Find out your blood sugar levels for the past three months.  The diabetes test also includes kidney health, liver health, and an electrolyte test.

Thyroid Health

Our home service laboratory can check your thyroid health in one simple blood test.

Dialysis Package

A group of home lab tests that help patients measure their kidney health. Liver health is also included.

Dialysis Package (Hepa)

A test bundle asked for renal patients prior a hemodialysis session.

Dengue Screening Package

We use approved dengue test kits to screen suspected patients for  infection.


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