Virtual doctor consultation

Get healthcare without the hassle. zennya health keeps things simple with teleconsultations, online medical certificates, and in-app prescriptions.

The Total Package for Medicine

We take care of all the steps before, during, and after your virtual consultation.
Complete electronic
medical records
Online prescriptions
and medical certificates
Home service laboratory
and online lab results

Free teleconsultation for positive Covid-19 & Flu tests

If you get a positive result using our home test service, we provide a free online health consultation.

Nurse operator available 12/7

Have a question before or after your teleconsultation? Speak to a nurse online, 12/7 through the zennya health app.

Follow our step by step guide

Watch the video instructions or read our guidelines to know how to book a virtual consult, click the link below:
Step-by-step guide to zennya telehealth

Additional Telehealth Capabilities

Upload existing lab test results, medical prescriptions, and health records to the zennya app. Your doctor can reference these records during your virtual consultation.

With the electronic prescription issued by the doctor, you can book prescribed lab tests and share your results in the app.

Doctor can issue medical certificate on the app.

Our Medical Experts

Kevin Hil R. Dineros

General Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Digital Medicine

Beatrice Nicole Figueroa

Family Medicine

Prima Donna Estorinos

General Medicine

Laedepe Estrada

Occupational Health

Kae Perez

Pediatric Medicine

Your Data Privacy is
Important to Us

We treat your personal information with the importance it deserves. We adhere to the leading international security standard, ISO27001, with connections encrypted using SSL, and are GDPR compliant.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy here .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual doctor consultation and how does it work?
zennya’s virtual doctor service provides on-demand online appointments with board-certified physicians. You can book a virtual consult through the app, then video chat with a doctor on your phone or tablet. Virtual consults let you access medical care from the comfort of home, or anywhere you have Internet access.
How do I book a virtual doctor consultation with zennya Health?
It would be our pleasure to assist you with getting started. You can view our how-to video here or follow these instructions. On the Zennya homepage, please tap ‘Doctor Consult’. Then select ‘Get This Service.” Add your payment method and select ‘Confirm.’ Then drag the schedule to your preferred time and day. You will receive a confirmation message once your online health consultation is scheduled.
How long does it take to book a virtual doctor consultation?
zennya Health is an on-demand service. You can generally book same-day appointments. In times of high-demand, you may need to book a next-day appointment. You can also schedule appointments in advance, up to five days before the virtual consult.
Why does it say my booking is pending?
If you receive a pending notification, we are still matching you to a provider. Once your online appointment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message in the app.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, plus PayPal. We do not accept GCash at this time.
Why do I need to add a payment method first?
You will not be charged until after your booking. However, we need to ensure your payment method is working beforehand. A pre-authorization charge is issued to cover the cost of the service. The money is not debited from your account, it is simply held in reserve. If your booking is canceled, the hold is voided automatically.
How do I mark myself ready for the doctor?
We ask that you mark yourself as ready five minutes before your teleconsult begins. The app will prompt you to do so. Simply tap the green ‘I’m Ready’ button.If you missed the prompt, tap on the ‘My Health’ button on the zennya homescreen, located under your profile picture. Click ‘Consultation Records.’ Then tap the green ‘I’m ready’ button. Your teleconsultation will begin shortly.
How is my medical history stored? Is it safe?
All of your medical and personal information is stored using our encrypted servers. Our system is also HIPAA compliant.
How do I access my medical records?
Go to the zennya app homepage and tap “My Health.” This will lead you to the following options: Consultation Records, Medical Prescriptions, Lab Test Result, and Vaccination Records. Simply tap to view.
How can I get a medical certificate?
If you need a medical certificate, please alert your doctor during the teleconsult. The doctor can upload it to the zennya app within 15 minutes of your appointment. You can view your medical certificate online, or download the file and print a hard copy.
How do I upload a prescription?
On your zennya home screen, tap the “My Health” arrow under your profile picture. Select “Medical Prescriptions” followed by “Upload A Prescription.” You will be prompted to upload an image or take a photo of the prescription.
What if lab tests are necessary?
zennya Health also offers a home service laboratory. We partner with DOH-accredited laboratories and offer over 300 different tests. You can book our mobile laboratory service through the app. Just go to the zennya app homepage and tap “Laboratory Tests.”
Can children use this service?
Yes. We have pediatricians on staff to attend to children.
What doctor specialties does zennya Health provide?
We have online doctors from the following specializations: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Occupational Medicine, and Lifestyle and Obesity Medicine. We plan to expand to more specialities soon.
How do I create a medical ID?  Why is it needed?
Creating a medical ID ensures that only you can view the medical records on your phone. In the app, go to the zennya Health homepage. Tap the zennya logo on the upper left side of your screen. Next, tap “Profiles” and select “Myself.” Under your profile picture, you will see a button that says “Add Medical ID.” Tap this button then opt to manually input your info. You will be prompted to answer four quick questions to verify your identity. Then upload an image or take a photo of yourself. Once you select “Done,” the app will display your Medical ID number and you're all set to book medical services.
How much does a virtual consult cost?
Online consults are an affordable alternative to in-person medical care. One 15-minute session with an online doctor costs PHP 500.
What if I get disconnected from the doctor?
Rarely, a teleconsultation fails due to a technical error. If the doctor loses connection you will not be charged for the booking. Unfortunately, we cannot reconnect you to the same session, but you can schedule another virtual consult at your convenience.
Can I pick my preferred doctor?
This feature is not currently available in the zennya Health app. However, you can message us in the app to request the availability of the doctor. The support team can manually assign your preferred provider.
What if I need more than 15 minutes with the online doctor? Can I extend the booking?
If you think you will need more than 15 minutes, you can schedule two consecutive appointments when making your booking. However, we do not currently have an in-app feature to extend a virtual consult. If your online appointment ends before you’ve covered all your concerns, please book another teleconsult in the app.
What if I have a question after the online consult ends?
If you need clarification or have a simple follow up question, please message the support team through the app. We will forward your concern to the doctor and send their response through the in-app chat.
How do I reach medical chat support? Can I get medical advice through chat?
Our friendly nurses are available to assist you with any questions you have about our medical services. From the homepage, tap the zennya logo in the upper left corner. You will see a drop-down list of services. Select “Support” to begin chatting with our support team. For medical concerns, select the “Medical” tab in the chat.
What types of appointments are appropriate for a teleconsult?
Our services are for common ailments and illnesses. We do not provide urgent care. If you are experiencing serious or life-threatening system, please get medical attention right away.
Do you prescribe medications?
Yes, all of our providers are licensed doctors who can prescribe a wide range of medications. You will receive your online prescription in the app.
Do you accept insurance?
Right now, we accept Maxicare. However, it does not cover teleconsultation since Maxicare has its own online doctors. You can use Maxicare for our other medical services, such as our home service laboratory and RT-PCR tests. Before booking, make sure to add your insurance details to your Medical ID page. If you use another insurance provider, please note that we are currently reviewing partnerships with other HMOs. We hope to add additional insurers soon.

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