Safe, convenient, affordable

Virtual Doctor Consultation

Talk to a doctor, with electronic prescriptions and digital medical records, in the comfort of your home.

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Top of the line doctors

Our doctors come from renowned medical institutions in the country. They are committed to the zennya platform and are able to leverage international best practices to provide high quality care to their patients.

The Total Package for Medicine

We take care of the steps before, during, and after your consultation
Fully integrated digital medical record
Electronic prescriptions via the app
Book tests or purchase drugs from the app

Free telehealth consultations for Covid-19 test results

If you test positive, we provide a Virtual Consult with a zennya Doctor at no extra charge

Nurse operator available 24/7

Nurse operators are online through our medical support chat to answer your questions 24/7

Effective & Efficient Communication with Your Doctor

  • You can upload your laboratory test results or medical prescriptions on the zennya app to serve as reference for your healthcare professional.

  • Medical prescriptions are issued on the app for direct-to-home or office medicine delivery. Prescribed laboratory tests can also be availed by booking on the app and receiving the service at your chosen location.

Easy, Fast, Affordable, Comprehensive & Reliable  Healthcare

virtual doctor consultation

Talk to doctor, with electronic prescirptions and digital medical records, in the comfort of your home.