Home vaccination by a registered nurse in minutes. Our authentic, safe vaccines are FDA-approved and digitally recorded. Pneumonia, HPV, and 2023 Flu Vaccines available.

100% authentic, FDA-approved vaccines at home

Up to 30% of vaccines in the Philippines are counterfeit. We guarantee authentic vaccines, sourced directly from the manufacturer. Our advanced temperature control and licensed nurses make sure you get an effective and safe vaccine delivered to your door.

Digital Vaccine Record

Our app saves every vaccination as part of your electronic health records. You can save and share straight from your mobile. Every inoculation is matched to you digitally, using a barcode. This ensures you have an online record that is detailed, accurate, and always at hand.

Flu Vaccine Philippines - 2023

The flu vaccine in the Philippines is given yearly. Zennya uses quadrivalent vaccines that protect against four flu strains. The CDC states that quadrivalent vaccines offer broader protection than other types of vaccines. We use only trusted brands, like the Abbott flu vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccines

Current regulations are unclear on COVID-19 home vaccination, aside from very sick patients who can’t travel to vaccination centers. Zennya Health offers home vaccination services as broadly as the law allows. We are working with corporate clients to create large scale COVID-19 vaccination centers in their offices.

HPV Vaccine Philippines

The HPV vaccine helps prevent cancer. The CDC recommends HPV immunization for preteen boys and girls. Children and adults who miss this window should still get their shots. Anyone under the age of 26 can benefit from the HPV vaccine. Two to three doses of the HPV vaccine are needed, which you can avail of through our home vaccination.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumonia is the 5th leading cause of death in the Philippines. While the pneumococcal vaccine does not prevent all cases, it lessens your chance of illness and serious complications. The CDC recommends the pneumococcal vaccine for infants, young children, and seniors over 65. These vulnerable populations can avail of our home vaccination.

Professional Home Vaccination

Vaccination at home, administered by nurses, and backed by online doctors. Zennya Health uses only FDA-approved, authentic, and safe vaccines.
Select vaccine service

Easy selection of zennya's home vaccinations. Our service menu is easy to understand and includes up-to-date medical information.

Book for you or your entire family

Book a home vaccination for you or your whole family, all in one session. The zennya Health app manages health screening, consent, and vaccination certificates for every member of the group.

Online Medical Screening Before Every Service

Your safety is our priority. Our medical team has prepared a series of questions to ensure you get a safe vaccine experience at home. Home vaccinations are carefully monitored to prevent adverse reactions.

Patient owned electronic medical records

You're in control of your electronic medical records, and can access them in an instant through the app. You can view and share vaccination certificates with doctors, schools, and travel authorities at the press of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a vaccine is safe and effective?
A good rule of thumb is to choose a vaccine that is licensed for use in the United States. The US has one of the safest, most effective vaccine systems in the world. Before purchase, ensure your Filipino supplier sources their vaccines directly from the manufacturer so you know it is authentic. You should also check that the cold-chain is secure and provides only unexpired vaccines--otherwise the vaccine may be ineffective. zennya has a short supply chain with complete climate control, and our expiration dates are electronically monitored.
Who administers the vaccination?
zennya Health only uses professional nurses to perform vaccinations, in line with guidelines from the Philippine DOH.
How is the vaccine given?
Zennya delivers highly trained nurses to your home using temperature-controlled carriers. The nurse will safely administer the vaccines intramuscularly, in the upper portion of the arm or depending on the clinical decision-making of the RN at the time of appointment.
How do I book a home vaccination?
1. From the zennya app home screen, scroll down to “Home Vaccinations” and tap your preferred vaccination. Individuals can choose from the flu vaccine, HPV vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, and more.

2. Select “Get This Service” and you will be prompted to choose which client profile the booking is for.

3. The app will then prompt you to confirm your booking, verify your location, and click “Book Later” to select the desired date and time.
What side effects are there after vaccination?
When sourced from a trusted provider, vaccines are extremely safe and side effects are very rare. If you do experience one of the rare side-effects, it is usually minor, such as soreness or swelling at the injection site and a slight fever.
What vaccines do you offer?
We offer the flu vaccine, HPV vaccine, and the pneumococcal vaccine. We are continuously adding more of the immunizations recommended for the Philippines. Our corporate clients can get all of these vaccines, plus COVID vaccines for their employees.
Who should get an HPV vaccine in the Philippines?
The HPV vaccine is recommended for routine vaccination of both boys and girls, age 11-12 being the ideal time. The CDC also recommends vaccination for everyone through age 26 years if not adequately vaccinated when younger.
What age should my child get the HPV vaccine?
It's recommended that children get the vaccine at age 11 or 12, so they're fully protected years before they become sexually active.
Do boys and men need an HPV vaccine?
Yes! Historically, boys have much lower HPV vaccination rates than girls. However, the HPV vaccine can prevent cancer in men too, such as penile, oral, and head and neck cancers.
Which HPV vaccine brand do you use?
Our HPV vaccine is Gardasil Quadrivalent. Zennya sources it directly from the manufacturer (Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corp.) and ships it directly to the Philippines using cold-chain secured transport.
How much does the HPV vaccine cost?
At zennya, the HPV vaccine cost is php 4500. This is inclusive of home service, administered by a professional nurse.
Who needs a pneumonia vaccine?
People under the age of 2 or over the age of 65 are all advised to receive the pneumococcal vaccine. Some other vulnerable populations can benefit, including those with chronic disease and smokers.
What pneumonia vaccine do you use?
We use Pneumovax, which protects against 23 bacterial strains. It is recommended for everyone over 65, smokers aged 19-64, and people with certain medical conditions.
What is the pneumococcal vaccine price?
The pneumococcal vaccine price at zennya is php 3200, inclusive of home administration by a professional nurse.
When should I get my flu shot?
The Philippine DOH recommends getting a flu vaccine in the Philippines during April and May, before the flu season starts.  If you miss the window, you can still get the shot. Getting a flu vaccine late is better than never.
Can my child receive the flu vaccine?
Children over 6 months can receive a flu vaccination in the Philippines. Please notify us ahead of time to ensure we send a pediatric nurse and correctly sized syringe.
Do you offer the quadrivalent flu vaccine?
Yes, we offer the Fluarix quadrivalent vaccine. The quadrivalent type of flu vaccine protects against four different flu strains common to the Philippines.
What is the flu vaccine price?
Our flu vaccine price is php 1650, inclusive of home administration by a professional nurse.
Is it okay to take a bath after vaccination?
You can bathe or shower as normal after your vaccination.
Can the vaccine make me sick?
No, zennya vaccines cannot make you sick. The vaccines we use do not contain any live virus particles. We use only US FDA-approved vaccines and the highest quality controls to ensure your vaccine is safe and effective.
Can I get vaccinated if I am feeling ill?
It may be best to defer the vaccination until you are well. You may also ask your doctor if it is advisable to take the vaccine now, even if you are currently sick, in case they consider you in urgent need of vaccination due to your health history.
Can I schedule more than one vaccination at the same time?
Yes, you can book more than one vaccination on the same day.  You can have 1 vaccine type in each arm. Please note that you will have to book each vaccine separately on the app for the same day However, we can assign the same nurse so that she can do both vaccines at the same time slot. For example, you can book the flu vaccine at 8 am and the pneumococcal vaccine at 9 am. Once you book, kindly inform us in advance so we can match the same nurse to you.