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Authentic, professionally handled vaccines administered at home in under 10 minutes

Up to 30% of vaccines in the market are counterfeit, and many vaccines are not effective if stored outside of 2-8 degrees celsius. We source our vaccines directly from the manufacturers and store and transport vaccines using advanced technology to monitor temperature.

Digital Inoculation Records

Every vaccination is stored as part of your digital health records.We digitally match every vaccine administered to you using barcodes so that all manufacturer information specific to the vaccine that was given to you is included in your records.

Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passport rules and guidelines are not yet finalized. We support thousands of corporate employees using QR code passports for COVID status to enter the workplace. Once vaccine passport regulations are finalized we will apply the same technology to our non-corporate patients.

Flu Vaccines

Flu shots should be performed every year, and even more so with the current spread of Covid-19, since the symptoms are very similar. Our quadrivalent vaccines (protects against 4 virus variants) from Abbott and GSK provide the broadest possible protection against the flu.

Covid-19 Vaccines

Current regulations are unclear on home Covid-19 vaccination administration outside of chronically ill patients who are unable to travel to vaccination sites. Zennya will offer home vaccination services as broadly as regulations will allow, and is actively working with corporates for large scale vaccination sites.

HPV Vaccines

HPV vaccines are important in cancer prevention and should be administered to boys and girls in their early teens, but are also recommended for all men and women below the age of 26 who have not been inoculated.

Pneumococcal Vaccines

The pneumonia vaccines can not prevent all cases, but does lower you chance of catching the disease, and a probability of a much milder case if you do catch it. Generally recommended for anyone over the age of 65, and ages 2-65 with certain medical conditions.

Professional Home Vaccination

Get vaccinated at home, administered by professional nurses and backed by online physicians.
Easy service selection

Easy service selection: Select the vaccination services you are interested in with up to date medical information in easy to understand language to guide you.

  • Flu Shot
  • HPV Vaccine
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine
  • Covid-19 Vaccine
Book for you or your entire family

You can book for up to 5 people in a single session, with the App managing medical records and consent for each member of the group.

Medical screening on every service

Screening questions designed by our medical team to ensure that every service is carefully monitored to prevent adverse reaction.

Patient owned digital medical records

Receive your vaccination records instantly in your App to share with doctors of your choosing and maintain your medical history.