Home vaccination by a professional nurse in minutes. Our authentic, safe vaccines are FDA-approved and come with a digital vaccine certificate.

100% authentic, FDA-approved vaccines at home

Up to 30% of vaccines in the Philippines are counterfeit. We guarantee authentic vaccines, sourced directly from the manufacturer. Our advanced temperature control and licensed nurses make sure you get an effective and safe vaccine delivered to your door.

Digital Vaccine Certificate

Our app saves every vaccination as part of your electronic health records. You can save and share your vaccine certificate straight from your mobile. The vaccine record is matched to you digitally, using a barcode.  This ensures your vaccine certificate is detailed, accurate, and always at hand. 

Vaccine Passports

We are still awaiting the international guidelines for vaccine passports. In the meantime, many travel destinations accept digital vaccine certificates.  In the zennya healthcare app, your vaccine certificate is only a click away.

Flu Vaccine Philippines

The flu vaccine in the Philippines is given yearly. Zennya uses quadrivalent vaccines that protect against four flu strains.  The CDC states that quadrivalent vaccines may offer broader protection than other types of vaccines. We use only trusted brands, like GSK and the Abbott flu vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccines

Current regulations are unclear on COVID-19 home vaccination, aside from very sick patients who can’t travel to vaccination centers.  Zennya Health offers home vaccination services as broadly as the law allows.  We are work with corporate clients to create large scale COVID-19 vaccination centers in their offices. 

HPV Vaccine Philippines

The HPV vaccine helps prevent cancer.  The CDC recommends HPV immunization for preteen boys and girls. Children and adults who miss this window should still get their shots.  Anyone under the age of 26 can benefit from the HPV vaccine.  Two to three doses of the HPV vaccine are needed, which you can avail of through our home vaccination.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumonia is the 5th leading cause of death in the Philippines. While the pneumococcal vaccine does not prevent all cases, it lessens your chance of illness and serious complications. The CDC recommends the pneumococcal vaccine for infants, young children, and seniors over 65.  These vulnerable populations can avail of our home vaccination. 

Professional Home Vaccination

Vaccination at home, administered by nurses, and backed by online doctors.
Zennya Health uses only FDA-approved, authentic, and safe vaccines.
Select vaccine service

Easy selection of zennya’s home vaccinations. Our service menu is easy to understand and includes up-to-date medical information.

  • Anti-flu shot
  • HPV vaccine
  • Pneumococcal vaccine
  • Covid-19 vaccine
Book for you or your entire family

Book a home vaccination for you or your whole family, all in one session. The zennya Health app manages health screening, consent, and vaccination certificates for every member of the group. 

Online Medical Screening Before Every Service

Your safety is our priority.  Our medical team has prepared a series of questions to ensure you get a safe vaccine experience at home.  Home vaccinations are carefully monitored to prevent adverse reactions.

Patient owned electronic medical records

You're in control of your electronic medical records, and can access them in an instant through the app.  You can view and share vaccination certificates with doctors, schools, and travel authorities at the press of a button.