Get accurate, professionally administered, and affordable swab test home services. We provide quick results for Antigen Tests, Antibody Tests, and RT-PCR Tests.

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Easy and fast Covid-19 swab tests

zennya Health partners with the top labs to deliver fast and accurate DOH-accredited covid testing. Our home COVID-19 swab test kits are hospital-grade and administered by trained nurses. Depending on the test, your swab test result will be ready from as little as 15 minutes or up to 24 hours.    

Accurate swab test results online

From booking to results, the complete swab test experience is paperless and digital.  This reduces the risk of human error when processing your COVID-19 test.  Swab test results are delivered to your mobile app as a digital record. You can view your swab test result online, and download, print, and share your results as needed.

Free online consultation

All our COVID-19 tests come with a free online doctor consultation for patients who are positive with the virus.  An online doctor will consider your overall health when interpreting your results and give you medical advice on your Covid-19 treatment. 

Group bookings for swab tests

Get Covid-19 home tests for the whole family and receive a discount. zennya health offers group bookings for up to five people. The first COVID test is full price, while the other people in the group will receive a Php 300 discount.