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Workplace Health and Safety

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How does the digital health pass work?

1. Workplace enrolls staff with zennya workplace health app

Companies can enroll employees, partners and customers with zennya workplace safety app.

2. Real time health quiz is completed daily prior to work

Daily COVID-19 symptom checks are performed online through the app to determine whether users are Fit To Enter the workplace. zennya's medical team regularly updates questions based on up to date evidence.

3. You can scan their QR code to grant access to your location

Gate checkers can guard the perimeter to workplaces with contactless scanning to confirm whether the user is safe to enter. Temperature scans performed at entry ways are marked and logged digitally and attached to the user health record.

4. Automated workplace entry rules

The system automatically tracks the number of days quarantine is required and will block users from entry unless quarantine requirements have been met or a medical professional or workplace manager has granted access.
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Daily online symptom screening

Preventing symptomatic individuals from entering the workplace is the first line of defense against infection.

Daily online screenings are an international best practice to require self identification of symptoms, preventing symptomatic workers from coming into contact with others.

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Telemedicine and Health Monitoring

medical guidance on-demand

access a comprehensive range of clinical-grade medical services including phlebotomy services, vaccinations, IV therapies, telemedicine, etc..

e-fit work

Our health workers are trained to zennya's internal standards and protocol, which means they are trained to deal with adverse scenarios.

illness monitoring

zennya is partnered with the nation's top medical laboratories and pharmaceuticals to power our mobile health services.


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health risk screening

Perform a holistic health evaluation to assess worker health-risk level. Some individuals have pre-existing conditions that place them at much greater risk for severe  symptoms. These individuals can be identified through online health screens as well as zennya's medical diagnostic services that are fully integrated with the workplace health platform.

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zennya provides end-to-end essential solutions designed to help businesses reopen the workplace and manage the health and safety of employees, customers, partners, and communities
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On-site COVID-19 antibody testing

Rapid test all corporate employees for COVID antibodies efficiently with results available in 15 minutes.

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