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Fast, affordable healthcare in the workplace. Employers can turn any office into an onsite clinic with our suite of technology and healthcare services. Schedule workplace vaccinations, Covid-19 testing, a mobile laboratory, and online consultations.

COVID-19 Employee Testing Services

The workplace is a major source of COVID-19 transmission. But you can safeguard your business and workers with regular employee testing. zennya Health provides effortless COVID-19 testing at your office, on your schedule.

We use no-fuss, quality-controlled COVID test kits for quick and easy processing. Employers get paperless results–uploaded right to the online health dashboard.

Mass Vaccination for COVID-19

Get your entire staff vaccinated in the office without sacrificing time or convenience. We take care of every step of the journey for your COVID-19 vaccination event. Our total digital solution offers automated reminders, online records, and vaccine certificates.

Zennya guarantees authentic vaccines, sourced directly from the manufacturer. Every vial is temperature-controlled from start to finish. Protect one of your greatest assets--your workforce--with our safe vaccine clinics.

Blood Testing

We have done thousands of onsite blood testing services. Highly trained nurses administer blood tests using the highest quality equipment. All kits are temperature-controlled with bluetooth monitoring.

We also integrate digitally with the best laboratories in the Philippines. Why waste time at the lab? zennya Health can deliver a fast, accurate mobile laboratory to your workplace.

Physical Exams

Check your employees' fitness for work without losing hours of productivity. zennya creates onsite health clinics to assess workers' overall health.

Professional nurses digitally capture vital signs, blood pressure, and hundreds of other health indicators. We'll work with you to design a physical exam package that meets your unique business needs.

Online in-App Results

The entire patient history can be stored in-app, and viewed at the touch of a finger. Employees can see test and lab results online. You can also access other health records, such as digital vaccine certificates.

Records are private, yet shareable. You can print, send, or share with your trusted medical providers. Employers can also store required health data in zennya's corporate health dashboard.

Benefits of Corporate Health Services

Employees are one of your biggest investments. With zennya's worksite clinics, you protect your investment and empower employees to take care of their health. There are many benefits to providing health services to your employees such as:
Reduce Absenteeism
The hours spent sick at home or sitting in doctors offices add up. An onsite clinic lets employees take care of many health concerns. Physical exams, lab tests, and vaccinations can be performed without having to leave the workplace.
Save money
Every year, businesses lose billions due to lost productivity, absenteeism, and employee turnover. The cost of an onsite clinic for employees pales in comparison to poor employee health. zennya's popup clinics can help your business reduce healthcare costs.
Greater productivity
According to the CDC, healthy employees take fewer sick days and perform better on the job. Access to healthcare also reduces "presenteeism." This is a phenomena where employees show up for work but their output is reduced due to poor health.
Identify health issues
Corporate health programs remove common obstacles to care, such as time and inconvenience. Chronic conditions can be better managed and employees don't miss out on critical preventative care.
With onsite care, you can help prevent schedule disruptions, lost productivity, and COVID-19 outbreaks. zennya Health provides convenient medical services at work without compromising on quality.
Employee retention
Corporate health services help you recruit and keep top talent. Workers say they are more likely to stay with an employer who provides health benefits. Offering an onsite health clinic also gives you edge when recruiting new employees.
Overcome vaccine hesitancy
zennya Health can provide onsite employee vaccinations, including the flu, pneumonia, and COVID-19. Besides convenience, a mass vaccination often encourages a "joiner" mentality. This can help convince hesitant workers to go ahead and get their jab.
Workplace safety
Workplace testing can identify COVID-19 infection among workers, often before they experience symptoms. This helps reduce office and community transmission. Workplace vaccinations also help protect your employees from illness.
Manage chronic disease
86% of healthcare costs are due to chronic diseases. zennya's mobile laboratory tests can help identify chronic disease early. Physical exams can mitigate the risk of long-term complications from such diseases. Easy access to virtual doctors encourages employees to seek medical care early.

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