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COVID-19 Testing Services
With zennya, COVID-19 Testing for your employees is more efficient, safer, and hassle-free. We are capable of putting up pop-up clinics in your chosen location through our extensive logistical capabilities and end-to-end digital integration with partner laboratories. We use only the highest quality equipment and observe strict cold chain monitoring.
  1. Covid-19 RT-PCR Swab Test
  2. Covid-19 Antigen Swab Test
  3. Covid-19 Antibody Rapid Test
  4. Covid-19 IgM IgG Antibody Test
Turn-key Solutions to COVID-19 Vaccinations
We take care of every step of the journey for your COVID-19 Vaccination initiatives. We provide digital solutions for employee monitoring and inventory management, and we have extensive logistics capabilities for cold storage, cold transport, hazardous waste disposal, and onsite vaccine administration. We maintain strict compliance with government regulations throughout every step of the process.
Blood Testing
We have done thousands of onsite blood testing services. Blood tests are administered by highly trained nurses who use the highest quality equipment. All kits are temperature controlled with bluetooth monitoring, and we are digitally integrated with our partner labs to reduce transcription errors.

Physical Exams

zennya has the operational and logistical capability to perform your company’s annual physical examination for employees. With our pool of professional nurses and our extensive logistical capabilities, we can cover every step of the process for your organization’s annual physical examination.

Online in-App Results

Employee results are stored securely online and accessible from the app and can be shared, downloaded, printed or sent to trusted medical providers as needed. zennya telehealth consults can automatically access these results for faster hassle-free care.

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