Be a zennya nurse

Join our team of registered nurses to earn up to 60K per month, when and where you want.

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Work Flexibility and Financial Stability

We give women the opportunity to earn a competitive income on their own terms. Providers can choose when and where they work through the zennya app. Our nurses earn up to 60k. Many zennya providers have gone on to build their own homes, purchase vehicles, go on vacations, and provide financial stability for their families.
  • Learn in-demand skills
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Serve clients near you
  • Earn up to 3x more than average

Training for Professional Growth

Zennya provides hundreds of hours of free education, through a mix of in-person training and virtual learning in the app. This way, our providers can invest in themselves, while ensuring zennya delivers the highest standard of service.
  • Free training provided
  • Master your skills
  • Stand out as a professional

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills by Habit

Zennya providers learn to be their own boss, by managing their time, clients, and budget all on the app. Nurses are encouraged to master high-level skills. The more they increase their skillset, the more they can grow their client base and earnings.
  • Learn to be an entrepreneur
  • Mobile app training
  • Manage your own schedule
  • Invest in learning to earn more

Women Empowered Through Health and Technology

At zennya, women of every background get access to world-class training and an advanced technology platform. The flexibility of our app-based service helps women overcome many of the usual barriers to employment. Nurses can serve clients near their homes, balance their time between work and family, and earn a high salary. Many single mothers have found success with zennya, from buying their first home to providing an education for their children.

Our 3 step on-boarding process

Step 1

Send a message on our Facebook page to start your application

Step 2

Go to the scheduled interview and pass the screening.

Step 3

Attend FREE training and learn how to use the app.

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What to expect during training

Along with mastering practical skills, applicants need to refresh their skills for each technique. The interview and training process takes around 2-3 days to complete and is completely FREE. During the program, we give trainees the tools they need to succeed, including in-app tutorials and practicals. Here are the basic steps to getting qualified as a zennya Health provider:


After passing the online Facebook application, trainees attend an in-person interview. Interviews take place in one of our training centers in Makati City or Cebu City. After passing the interview, trainees can begin orientation the same day. All interviews and trainings are conducted in English.

Orientation and Evaluation

During orientation, we will cover a few skills and techniques that are unique to zennya. We also ensure trainees know how to use the app to take jobs and access learning resources.

Practical Skills and Theory

Trainees receive a mix of in-person training and virtual learning. They must complete both practical skills and theory modules before they can move on to the next skill.

Client Interaction

We recognize the importance of soft skills, such as client communication and a professional attitude. Trainers work through common client scenarios and role-play communication, conflict resolution, and professional etiquette.

App Training

We conclude by training our providers on how to use the app to accept bookings, schedule riders, and communicate with clients.

  • View and complete learning in the app
  • Learn practical skills through in-person training
  • Get trained in professional etiquette and communication
  • Master the app to book jobs

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