We Make Comprehensive and Reliable Healthcare Easy, Fast and Affordable

Hospital quality home services

Our professional nurses are trained on our platform to follow best practice medical procedures guided by our custom designed mobile app using the highest quality medical products available.

Last-mile medical logistics

zennya’s fleet of cold chain enabled medical transport vehicles deliver healthcare providers, laboratory specimens, and medical equipments with GPS location and temperature monitoring every step of the way.

Seamless end-to-end patient journey

We take the friction out of healthcare by integrating laboratory tests, prescription medications, medical consultations, medical records, and insurance claims, so you can get care with the tap of a button.

Integrated mobile last-mile medical logistics

zennya's healthcare workers capture on site diagnostics using state of the art mobile medical devices (blood pressure, body fat composition, etc.) that are directly digitally integrated with our platform.

Purely digital paperless transaction

Up to 30% of laboratory tests are erroneous due to transcription errors. Our laboratory tests are barcoded end-to-end, and patient medical information is captured through our mobile medical records system.

Innovative patient owned medical records system

You can book and manage family and worker medical services through a single HIPPA compliant app with linked medical records.

Our Services

zennya offers a wide range of B2C and B2B medical, health, and wellness services leveraging our mobile and AI technology to connect patients, clients, providers, and other partners through our platform.