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Therapeutic Massage

There is a growing body of scientific evidence for the beneficial effects of massage on pain and a number of symptoms associated with other conditions. zennya's focus is medically aligned therapeutic massage intended as a quality of life enhancing health and wellness regiment.  Our structural massage services involve advanced soft tissue techniques such as myofascial, or neuromuscular technques, requiring extensive specialized training and target specific muscle injuries and postural issues. Relaxation massage includes familiar Swedish massage techniques addressing stress, anxiety and insomnia.


zennya therapists apply an evidence based problem solving approach to therapeutic massage treating issues ranging from stress and anxiety to chronic pain and depression. Our therapists undergo constant training and evaluation to deliver maintain current with international best practices. Products used in our services (oils, balms, essential oils) are targeted toward specific benefits backed by clinical research.

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Swedish Aromatherapy

Medium pressure massage using long gliding strokes with organic essential oil aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

Swedish Therapeutic

Deep massage using signature balm and Swedish movements to release tight muscle groups.

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Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan and incorporating techniques of anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching, and Western massage.

Thai Foot Massage

Massage therapy focusing on the lower legs and feet using a stick to stimulate pressure points, as well as stretching and deep tissue massage techniques.



Office Syndrome Therapy

An intense therapeutic session to treat repetitive postural stress using multiple advanced massage modalities. Can be performed while sitting in office or home.