Mobile Developer

Job Description
We’re looking for highly motivated developers with a passion for building quality software and systems using the latest and greatest technologies. Working with zennya, you will be exposed to Flex, Flash, C#, Mono, Cocao, Objective-C, Linux, and development methodologies including unit testing, and continuous development.

The ideal candidate is an excellent communicator (in English), perfectionist, and a problem solver who takes pride in his work. We want somebody who is smart and gets things done according to the plan. If you’re passionate about creating software and want to become a world class developer and leave your mark, welcome aboard.

- Graduate of any course from top-ranked university;
- Has at least 4 years programming experience and education in any programming language;
- Preferred skill(s): Objective-C, C#, MS SQL, MY SQL & PHP, Adobe Flash, Flex, Java;
- High levels of initiative and strong capability of multitasking;
- Excellent communication skills — both written and oral;
- Enough work experience to know what a job is.

However, if you fall short on some of the requirements but are driven and passionate, please apply as we can provide you with extensive training programs.

Apply via email: