Health Areas

Health issues often benefit from combinations of treatment types to address both interrelated and underlying causes. zennya offers a range of services all featuring evidence based treatments carried out by quality professionals. 

Your treatment history can be shared between service professionals allowing for a collaborative, user driven, holistic approach to quality of life care. 


Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia

Light to moderate pressure massage has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety and promote sleep. The effects of massage go beyond physical and psychological with some studies indicating decreases in stress related cortisol levels and increases in mood boosting serotonin and dopamine levels. Physical therapy stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises can also effective. Acupuncture is commonly used to treat insomnia in China, and clinical studies shown beneficial results. 

Recommended e services: Swedish Aromatherapy and Thai Foot Massage.

Chronic pain and Headaches

High pressure, targeted structural massage modalities are best suited to address chronic pain. Clinical studies have shown measurable benefits for lower back pain, headaches and migraines, and osoteoarthirtis of the knee.

Recommended services: Swedish Therapeutic, Office Syndrome, and Shiatsu



Postural and Repetitive Stress Injuries

People were not made to sit for long periods. Our modern lifestyles and work schedules cause muscular stress and damage leading to a variety of health problems. zennya office syndrome therapy has been specially designed to target common symptoms associated with workplace stress injuries including carpel tunnel, locked shoulders, and stress based migraines. These services can be performed in a standard office chair either at the office or at home without interrupting your flow. Other recommended modalities include Shiatsu and Swedish Therapuetic.

Recommended Services: Office Syndrome, Swedish Therapeutic, Shiatsu

Depression and Cancer

Numerous studies indicate that regular (2-3 times per week) sessions of moderate pressure massage can reduce pain, promote relaxation and boost mood. Cancer patients should seek approval from their doctors before engaging in treatment. Special treatment for cancer patients involves avoiding open wounds and bruises, direct pressure over tumor sites, areas with blood clots, and sensitive areas following radiation therapy.  

Recommended service: Swedish aromatherapy, and Thai foot massage



Sports Injuries and Athletic Performance